Contratto di locazione Traduzione e commento traduttologico

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dc.contributor.advisor Magagnin, Paolo it_IT Nesler, Francesca <1989> it_IT 2013-10-07 it_IT 2013-12-03T12:20:18Z 2015-01-17T09:36:16Z 2013-10-28 it_IT
dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT The topic of this thesis was chosen because of my personal working experience. For the last couple of years I have worked in the PRC for a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise and I have had the chance to work both in the industrial and the commercial sector. Interpreting and translating being part of my daily tasks, I came across several contracts which I was asked to translate. Having experienced firsthand the difficulties and problems that translators face during legal translation and being attracted by the retail world, I have decided to choose the format of a lease contract provided by a shopping mall in Beijing as the object of this final paper. The thesis is divided into three sections. The first section consists of an introduction, which aims to provide general information and an overall understanding of three different fields related to the chosen text: the development of contract law in China starting from the 80s, the evolution and boom of Chinese retail buildings, especially shopping malls, during the last decades, and, finally, the increase in necessity and demand for professional legal translation services. The second section is a translation from Chinese into Italian of the selected text. The lease contract is divided into two parts, namely the lease contract itself and its main attachment; the translation presents the same division. The lease contract regulates all the general principles agreed upon by the parties, while the main attachment gives more specific indications about duties and responsibilities concerning matters like reconstruction projects, safety, running of the business, etc. The third and final section consists of an analysis of the source text, the main problems and difficulties faced during the translation process and the techniques and solutions adopted in order to produce the final Italian text. As part of this analysis, a glossary of the technical terms that can be found in the source text is included. The terms of the glossary are divided according to their different semantic field. A bibliography and webography can be found in the appendix at the end of this paper. 摘要 本论文主题的选择来源于本人在生活中所获得的实践经验。我在中国的一家外资企业工作了两年并且在这段工作时间里亲身实践到了工业领域和商业领域。因为口译和笔译作为我工作内容的一部分,所以我在工作期间需要经常做翻译合同的工作。由于本人经历了作为法律译者所面临的问题和困难并对零售行业很感兴趣,所以我决定选择由北京的一家商场提供的租约模式作为本文的主题。 本论文分成三部分。第一部分概括地介绍跟所选租约有关的三个领域,即80年代开始的中国合同法律的发展、最近几十年零售建筑物的蓬勃发展(特别是零售商场)、专业法律翻译服务的需要和要求的增加。 第二部分是所选租约从中文到意大利文的翻译。租约分成两部分,即租约和其最主要的附件,所以翻译也分成两部分。租约的内容为双方所协议的总则,附件的内容主要为双方所协议的跟装修工作、安全、经营等类似方面有关的详细义务和责任。 第三部分主要分析三个方面:从原文本、翻译中所面临的主要问题和困难、创作意大利目标文本所使用的策略和解决方式。第三部分里的注释词表包括从原文本里所使用的专业词汇,表里的词汇是按照语义分类的。 最后,本论文的参考书目、网站目在本文的附录里。 it_IT
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dc.publisher Università Ca' Foscari Venezia it_IT
dc.rights © Francesca Nesler, 2013 it_IT
dc.title Contratto di locazione Traduzione e commento traduttologico it_IT
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dc.type Bachelor Thesis it_IT Interpretariato e traduzione editoriale, settoriale it_IT Laurea magistrale it_IT Centro Interdipartimentale "Scuola Interdipartimentale in Economia, Lingue e Imprenditorialità per gli Scambi Internazionali" it_IT
dc.description.academicyear 2012/2013, sessione autunnale it_IT
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dc.thesis.matricno 821681 it_IT
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dc.subject.language INGLESE it_IT
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dc.provenance.upload Francesca Nesler (, 2013-10-07 it_IT
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